If Proposition 55 doesn’t go through, schools will immediately lose about 4 billion dollars in the first year and that would set us back in the chaos of recession ~ Eric Heins, President of the California Teachers Association, stresses on the importance of supporting Proposition 55


Eric Heins stresses on the importance of supporting Proposition 55

To honor us (teachers) as professionals is key yet give us the resources and access to the wealth that you are generating from who we serve so we can create better conditions to have better outcomes ~ Tovi Scruggs, the Regional Executive Director for Partners in School Innovation, discusses the importance of fixing the conditions of schools.

Tovi Scruggs, on the importance of fixing the conditions of schools

Having to choose between spending money on a paraprofessional/someone who can work directly with a child or on infrastructure like computers so that kids can have access to technology is one of the constant tensions in schools given the funding cuts~ Jeremiah Jeffries, Board member and founding coordinator for ‘Teacher 4 Social Justice’,  recalls events that have happened in his own school that parallel the problems depicted in the show

Jeremiah Jeffries, on events that parallel the problems of ‘Schooled’

Countries should invest in teachers and that’s what most privatization models don’t want to do. They are seeking to have efficiency by de-professionalizing the teacher labor force, bringing uncertified or emergency credential teachers in the classroom because they are cheaper and either in taking home the profit from the difference of what the public pays or in tax dollars ~ Frank Adamson, Senior Policy and Research Analyst at the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), stresses the importance of investing in the teacher labor force

Frank Adamson on the importance of investing in teachers

The thing I see in the play that does parallel City College is educators being convinced that their job is a business transaction rather than a public service. ~ Gregory Keech, the department chair of the ESL Program at City College of San Francisco identifies obstacles to providing free public education

Gregory Keech on obstacles to free public education

  • Get involved in the democratic governance bodies in local school sites
  • Know who funds the school board member elections
  • Know where the money is coming from
  • Demand at the local state and national level that the resources for schools are not adequate
  •  Support the passing of proposition 55 which will maintain school funding

Trish Gorham, president of the Oakland Education Association, suggests ways for community members to help save their public schools

Trish Gorham on steps to tackle the problem

Since I grew up in a traditional Japanese household, as a traditional Japanese daughter there were some things you didn’t really speak about. My mom would tell me “Don’t talk about politics and religion with boys!” But my high school teacher encouraged us to talk about politics ~Keiko, one of our actors, recalls an inspiring teacher from school

Keiko on the teacher who inspired her…